3 days/2 nights

1 day

Group’s arrival to Minsk. Greeting of the group. Breakfast in the cafe. Sightseeing tour “Minsk – capital of Belarus”: Independence Square; Yanka Kupala Park; Upper Town (former Sobornaya Square) with renovated buildings of 17-18th centuries: Minsk city hall with town clock, the Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, market malls; Pobediteley avenue which is one of the main and most picturesque highways in the city; Troitskoe Predmestye, residential buildings of 19th century where museums, antique and souvenir shops, local restaurants are now located; Island of Courage and Sorrow, commemorating those killed in the Afghanistan war. Checking in the hotel. Free time. Overnight stay.

2 day

Breakfast. Excursion with lifting to the Mound of Glory (20 km from Minsk) – a majestic man-made hill, erected in the memory of enormous military operation “Bagration”, which resulted in complete emancipation of Belarus from German invasion. Excursion to the International Olympic Complex Raubichi where world championships in biathlon, shooting, skiing take place. Excursion to the Memorial Complex Khatyn (60 km) which is the only cemetery of burnt villages in the world. There are 186 of them in Belarus, destroyed and never renovated. Free time. Overnight stay.

3 day

Breakfast. Visiting of the new historic and cultural complex “Stalin’s Line”:  protective constructions, crossings and military machinery of the Great Patriotic War times. Trip to the historic and cultural museum “Zaslavl”. Sightseeing city-tour: ancient settlement “Val” and Calvin Cathedral (16th century), ancient settlement “Zamechak” (10th century), town square and Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary Birth (end of the 18th century). Museum excursion (historic tapestries, ethnic musical instruments) including visit to ethnographic complex “Mlyn”, steammill (beginning of the 20th century); “Sviran”, storehouse (end of the 19th century); “Kuznya” (beginning of the 20th century). Animated excursion “U hostsi da pani Zosi” (for children – tea with pancakes) in “Hata zavoznikau” for adult groups, local cuisine dinner (optional, for additional pay). Coming back to Minsk. Seeing off the group to the station.


Price in euros for 1 person

Quantity of days

Number of

tourists + supervisors (free)

Lodging in hotel***

Lodging in hotel of a hostel type

3 days/2 nights




3 days/2 nights




3 days/2 nights





The price includes: transit on a comfortable couch, continuous escort of the guide, lodging in a hotel of the chosen class, 3 breakfasts excursion service according to the program without entrance tickets.

Additionally paid: animated excursion “U hostsi da pani Zosi”  1 person -  20€, dinners and suppers from 5 euros.


Визовая поддержка

Визовая поддержка
  • Очень низкие цены !!!
  • Оформление документов для подачи на визу в офисе в течение 1-2 дней
  • Страхование на месте
  • Фото на документы недалеко от офиса
  • Офис находится в удобном месте, недалеко станция
  • Метро и железнодорожный вокзал
  • скидки для постоянных клиентов

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Мой первый круиз начался 28 октября 2017 г. на лайнере MSC Preziosa.

С первых минут пребывания на лайнере впечатлили роскошные лестницы с кристаллами Swarovski, безупречный сервис и огромное море развлечений на любой вкус

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