(2 days/1 night)

Day 1

The group arrives in Minsk. Greeting of the group. Breakfast. A sightseeing tour “Minsk is the capital of Belarus”: Independence Square; Yanka Kupala Park; Upper Town (former Sobornaya Square) with the renovated buildings of the 17-18th centuries: Minsk city hall with the town clock, the Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, market malls; Pobediteley avenue  – one of the main and the most picturesque highways in the city; The Trinity Suburb with the residential buildings of the 19th century where museums, antique and souvenir shops, local restaurants are located nowadays;  the Island of Tears which commemorates the warriors killed during the war in Afghanistan. Checking into a hotel. A visit to the State ski resort Silichy – a year-round working resort that was officially opened on January 29, 2005. There is a 4-chair      rope way that goes up to the top of the mountain. All slopes are equipped with the newest T-bar lifts. There exist special trails for children and all opportunities for snow tubing. This is a modern hotel town with the most up-to-date hotel, restaurant, six two-stored villas with the kitchen and other facilities. A new sport gym was opened at the beginning of January, 2007 and it is used as a covered skating rink in winter times. Here you can enjoy pleasant music while skating or having a rest in a cozy cafe on the second floor observing people on the rink and sipping a cup of hot coffee nonchalantly.

An excursion to the Memorial Complex Khatyn which presents the only cemetery of burnt villages in the world. There are 186 Belarusian villages that were destroyed during the war and have never been restored.

Coming back to Minsk. It is possible to arrange an optional cultural entertainment program for the evening by advanced booking for additional pay: a visit to the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Film Actor Theatre-Studio, the National State Circus. The usage of the public transport is additionally paid. Overnight stay.

Day 2

Breakfast. Checking out of the hotel. Departure to Lida. Arrival. A sightseeing city-tour. Tourists will find out interesting facts about the history of the old town, numerous details about Lida Castle which was founded by Grand Duke Gediminas in 1323. They will visit the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross which was one of the first holy catholic shrines of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The money for this church was donated by King Władysław Jogaila. The cathedral houses a miracle-working icon of Ruzhany or Lida God’s Mother which was brought by Franciscans missionaries in 1376. This icon is considered to be one of the oldest icons on the territory of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The memorial of Francysk Skaryna (one of the first publishers in Eastern Europe), Mikhail Archangel's Cathedral which was founded by the Catholic Piarist Order. The cathedral hosted a piarist school where Ludvig Narbut studied (one of the participants and organizers of revolt of 1863). “Past, present and future times of Lida Castle” (a walking trip round the castle and the yard which includes visiting the tower and the fighting gallery (45 min.), a narrative story about historic events of those times (20 min.); the animated performance “The Wedding of Jogaila and Sophia” accompanied by medieval music (25 min.); a fencing workshop; serso game; bow shooting, medieval cuisine sampling. Coming back to Minsk. Free time. Going to the railway station or to the airport to see the group off.



Price in euros per a person

Number of


Number of

tourists +

supervisors (free)

Lodging in a dormitory or in a hotel with block* system of accommodation(2+2)

Lodging in a double room of a

three-star hotel

















* block system of accommodation – two rooms with a shared bathroom


The price includes: fulltime guidance, lodging in the hotel of the chosen rank, 2 breakfasts, excursion service according to the program with entrance tickets to Lida Castle, an animated performance with the entertainment, transfer on a comfortable coach

Additional costs : lunches and dinners with the price starting from 5 Euros.

Визовая поддержка

Визовая поддержка
  • Очень низкие цены !!!
  • Оформление документов для подачи на визу в офисе в течение 1-2 дней
  • Страхование на месте
  • Фото на документы недалеко от офиса
  • Офис находится в удобном месте, недалеко станция
  • Метро и железнодорожный вокзал
  • скидки для постоянных клиентов

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Мой первый круиз начался 28 октября 2017 г. на лайнере MSC Preziosa.

С первых минут пребывания на лайнере впечатлили роскошные лестницы с кристаллами Swarovski, безупречный сервис и огромное море развлечений на любой вкус

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